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Xenon is a high-performance thermal soarer. The slim, white-pigmented GRP fuselage features carbon reinforcements, while the built-up wing panels are also carbon-reinforced, and feature ailerons, flaps and GRP winglets. The wing airfoil is a combination of the proven MH-30, SD7037 and RG14.5. The low all-up weight and modern wingtips endow the model with excellent flying qualities, including a broad speed range, excellent stability even at low speeds, and extremely steady turning characteristics. Modern radio control systems can be exploited to the full, providing a wide range of control options involving the wing (butterfly / crow mixer, aileron / flap mixer, elevator / flap mixer, etc.).

The kit contains:
Comprehensive building instructions, white-pigmented carbon-reinforced GRP fuselage with widened fuselage section for ease of servo installation, GRP rudder with bonded-in fitting for tailplane attachment, detachable GRP canopy, three-part wing of classic all-balsa construction, balsa leading edge sheeting, carbon fibre wing joiner, factory-fitted winglets, glass fibre reinforced wing trailing edges, Oracover film covering.

Barcode 4012230101187
Caratteristiche :

Wing loading [g/dm²] 22,5-28
Weight [g] 1200-1500
Length [mm] 1340
Wingspan [mm] 2500
Wing area [dm²] 53,5
RC functions elevator, ailerons, rudder, air brakes, motor control